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Kathleen Raash

Gleason, WI Artist 

Artist statement 
Texture, the sensual and tactile quality of paint, is an important element in my work. I build layers and veils of color through glazing, scumbling, wiping and scraping to achieve varying levels of translucency and depth. Color also plays a strong part in evoking an emotional, sensual response to the paintings.

Each painting is not of any specific location, but more a combination of memories of small northwoods lakes: the rippling reflections, the flickering dance of trees, the rich textures of barks, moss and water, the strong colors of the sunsets and northern lights. I use these images of northwoods to evoke more than what can be seen, to evoke the mystery and richness of life.

The texture is a direct quality of the light. The same roughness of tree bark and/or foliage can be seen in the clouds, sky and water also. This texture has an amorphous and biological quality, as if it was the outcome of accidental weathering over time.

In the lake studies, the quality of light reflected in the water is not a direct reflection of sky in water, rather, it expresses the changes found caused by the fluid motion of the surface of the water. The campfire studies explore the constant movement of the light created in an outside campfire. The light of dusk, dawn and sunset also intrigues me.

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