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Will McCarthy

Hamden, Connecticut Artist

Born in 1951, Will has been painting for over 35 years, with the last 20-years dedicated to landscape. His influences early on were Michelangelo and Van Gogh. His paintings evoke a return to nature’s simple comforts. They shine with a a radiant and mysterious calm; they speak about spiritual places, places that contain a quiet inner light, radiating an ethereal whisper-the places we see every day.

Will creates his landscape paintings from memory and imagination. His paintings are images of the atmosphere as much as of trees, rivers and fields. They are powerful expressions of a coming-to-terms with the powers of nature itself. Their brushy textured surfaces are as rough and real as the bark of a tree.

Emerson saw the same world McCarthy sees.  “The air works for him” (Emerson is talking about the farmer here, but his observations apply even better to the painter.)  “The atmosphere, a sharp solvent, drinks the essence and spirit of every solid on the globe,--a menstruum which melts the mountains into it.  Air is matter subdued by heat,  As the sea is the grand receptacle of all rivers, so the air is the receptacle from which all things spring, and into which they all return. The invisible and creeping air takes form and solid mass.”

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