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Eric Larson


I love to paint wide-open rural landscapes of the Midwest and find them interesting no matter what the season. Many of my paintings depict country roads and farm lanes, which usually lead to beautiful old farm buildings. I find endless inspiration in barns, silos and sheds because their gritty uniqueness represents the character and hard work of the people who built and maintained them over the years, and because sunlight and shadow falling across the geometric shapes of farm buildings set in the organic rural landscape is hard to beat.


I studied art in school and graduated with a BA in Art Education. My career took a different direction after going back to school for Computer Science, but I always found time to paint a couple canvases a year. This changed several years ago when I encountered a Plein Air festival and witnessed dozens of talented artists painting from life in the landscape.  I went home and broke out the easel and paints and never put them away and now paint several times a week at least. 

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