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Jurgen Gorg

Born in 1951 in Dernbach, Germany, Jurgen Gorg has established himself as a master craftsman and consummate artist. His etchings and lithographs reflect his innate talent and imagination. He studied visual arts in Koblenz, Germany and later at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. Jurgen Gorg captivates us with the lines of his drawings. The artist combines the mastery of the classical line as found in the Italian Renaissance with a very modern interpretation and use. The viewer is caught in the movement. The melodic flow reminds us of jazz and the improvisational quality of the departure from and return to a simple melody. Space is explored, filled and accented - all executed with a lyrical, subtle, and delicate fluidity. 

The human body is the predominant image portrayed by Gorg. His artistic universe consists of lovers, dancers, musicians, and masked personages. Tender, lithe, slim and young, these idealized, loosely rendered figures suggest the timeless and eternal. An elusive quality is cultivated by Gorg who feels that "something should always remain open." 

The focus centers on body language and kinetic movement. By leaving the faces vague, with eyes almost always closed, there is room for dreaming - both in the viewer and within the subjects of the painting. This quality of the somewhat indefinite yet perfect form creates a romantic aura.

Zodiac Series of hand colored etchings.  There may be a few in our Art Gallery. Please call and we will check availability.

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